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Emily Elizabeth Early Career, Net Worth, Education, & More

Do you use the social media platform regularly? Or have you been watching the social media content habitually? Well, in this artefact, we are going to one of the famous social media personalities Emily Elizabeth from America. Certainly, we will talk about each and everything about her life. In reality, we delve into all her achievements of her from early life to her net worth. Further, if you are a fan of her and inquisitive about her life, then this article is a must to read for you. Hence, read this article till the end! Surely, this article will be super informational and entertaining. What’s more, Let’s begin this article!

Who is Emily Elizabeth?

Emily Elizabeth was born on May 6, 1998. Moreover, she is a social media sensation and digital content creator based in Florida, United States. Apart from being a model, she has gained significant popularity on platforms like Instagram, where she boasts an impressive fan base of over 2.6 million followers. Evidently, she is Known for her stunning photos featuring swimwear and fashion. Further, Emily has become a prominent Instagram influencer, captivating audiences with her beauty and style. Truly, her massive following is a testament to her success in the world of social media.

Personal information and more

Real NameEmily Elizabeth Howard
Famous forInstagram influencer
Date of Birth6th of May 1998
WeightApprox. 55 kg
Height5 feet 5 inches
Age23 years (as of 2022)
ProfessionDigital content creator and Instagram influencer
BirthplaceFlorida, USA
Current ResidenceNew York, USA
SchoolWorthington Kilbourne High School
Net Worth$1 – 1.5 million
Marital StatusEngaged
Boyfriend/HusbandGarrett Totten
Zodiac signTaurus
EthnicityWhite Caucasian

Early life of Emily Elizabeth

She was born on May 6, 1998, in New York, USA. Moreover, Emily is not only a popular Instagram star but also a social media influencer. Indeed, with her stunning beauty and youthful charm, she has gained a huge following. Currently, she is living in New York City with her family, Emily is famous in the world of social media. Thereafter, she celebrated her 25th birthday on May 6, 2023. Evidently, Emily is known for her stunning looks and dedication to fitness. Particularly, her Instagram feed is filled with inspiring posts about health and wellness, attracting followers from all corners of the globe. Simply surnamed Emily, she became beloved by her fans.

Emily’s appeal goes beyond just her appearance; her charm and dedication to a healthy lifestyle have earned him a lot of praise. Undoubtedly, she has captured the hearts of many. Likewise, it is no wonder that she has become a real sensation on social media.


Emily graduated from Elizabeth Worthington Kilburn High School. After that, he went to college and earned a degree from Miami University in Oxford.


Emily Elizabeth is fortunate to have a loving and strong family. Moreover, his family has always stood by him. Additionally, her family encourages her as she pursues her dreams as a role model and influencer. Indeed, their unwavering support has been a constant and uplifting force in her journey. Notably, her family is giving her the encouragement she needs to reach her goals.

Career and collaborations of Emily Elizabeth

Emily Elizabeth has built an impressive career as a fashion model and social media influencer. Actually, her journey began when she loved fashion and wanted to be an artist. Through her hard work and determination, Emily became one of the most followed Instagram models in America.

As a fashion model, Emily has had the opportunity to collaborate with brands, showcasing their products to her millions of followers. Significantly, her charm and confidence have made her a sought-after face in the industry. From lingerie to swimwear, Emily has worked with a variety of designers to create stunning pieces that appeal to her audience.

But Emily’s success extends beyond the modelling world. Additionally, she is also a social media influencer with a strong online presence. With over 2.6 million Instagram followers and a YouTube channel of over 9.73k subscribers. Undoubtedly, Emily has established herself as a trusted authority in fashion and lifestyle. Besides her engaging content and relatable personality have earned her a dedicated following. Her fans eagerly wait for the latest posts and videos.

Emily Elizabeth’s career and collaborations have not only helped her wealth. But also solidified her position as a leading personality in the fashion industry. Moreover, her ability to connect with her audience and deliver impactful brand partnerships has put her to sleep note to continue to win.


Emily Elizabeth and her boyfriend Garrett Totten are happily in love and together for a long time. They recently engaged in a special yacht party, which was a memorable moment in their relationship. However, they generally keep their private lives private. But the couple sometimes share their happy moments and milestones with their fans on social media.

Emily Elizabeth
Emily Elizabeth

Favourite travel destinations

  • Italy
  • Bali
  • London
  • Holland

Net worth

She has an estimated worth of around $200k- 300k. Overall, most of the income comes from photoshoots, brand deals, magazine covers and social media. In addition, she has collaborated with many popular brands like Fashion Nova, Ignite Swimwear and many more.

Final say!

Evidently, we have discussed a lot about Emily from her early life to her net worth. Through her social media followers, it seems like she is very famous among the audience. However, if you like the content of this article, let us know with your comments. Toddles!


  • In 2017, Emily Elizabeth opened her account on Instagram.
  • She has 2.9 million followers at the age of 25.
  • on the 5th of February 2017, she posted on Instagram for the first time.
  • She has a dream of working with Fashion Nova, and later her dream came true with collaboration.
  • Emily Elizabeth is a travel enthusiast and enjoys exploring different destinations.

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