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    Instagram is popular for sharing and viewing photos and videos with friends, family, and celebrities. After establishing an Instagram profile, you can browse the photos and videos of your followers in view-only mode. The good news is that this issue has various remedies. The free online Instagram picture download and sharing software Imginn is one of the finest.

    What exactly is Imginn?

    You may browse public profiles and save your own Instagram stories while maintaining your identity using Imginn, an online tool for downloading and viewing Instagram stories. The following are some benefits of utilizing this tool:

    • With Imginn, you can enlarge an Instagram user’s profile picture to its full size and save HD-quality images and videos. You can download high-quality photographs and videos using the above links.
    • Do you want to download those incredible Instagram stories before they go forever? This is something you can do with only one click on Imaging. Additionally, you can save certain highlight posts for later reading.
    • You can view Instagram photographs with Imaging without registering for an account. User profiles, images, videos, highlights, and narratives are all included in this. A quick search on Instagram can reveal every user’s number of followers, posts, and photographs.

    Explore top Imginn alternatives to give a shot.

    Like Imginn, Dumpor is a service that offers an anonymous way to see and download photographs, videos, and story views from Instagram. With its simple layout, users may search for any Instagram account by inputting its username, location, or tag. You may use hashtags to search, see who liked a post, and read comments without disclosing who you are.


    Another discrete solution for seeing Instagram posts is Storistalker. The website executes the query and returns the results in more than 30 seconds, which is a considerable amount of time. On the other hand, downloading happens instantaneously and doesn’t need registration. The free Instagram app allows users to see deleted photos, videos, and stories anonymously.


    SmiHub from StoriesIG offers an anonymous way to view and download Instagram material, including stories. The website is divided into two major sections: “Viewer” and “Downloader,” it has a clever search box that lets you filter results based on direct links or usernames. You may browse the website without making an account and download free high-quality images and videos.


    Inflact is a formidable competitor when it comes to private Instagram story watchers. You may see Instagram stories and even save images and videos without creating an account. All you need to automatically back up the stories of any public profile on Instagram is an internet connection and an Instagram account.


    Downloading Instagram pictures and videos was a laborious procedure before Imginn was released. It’s a useful app that transfers Instagram photos to your PC. Considering the risks, you must adopt security measures to safeguard your data and information.

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